Resilience program for First Responders

Platinum Potential’s Director ‘Di McMath’, created a resilience program specifically for First Responders / Emergency Service’s personnel (in particular – Police, Fire, Ambulance).

It aims to help officers at any stage in their career; by strengthening their mental fitness through gaining valuable coping skills & strategies that will help them throughout their career and personal life.

This program is facilitated by those who have ‘worn boots’ as First Responders, so it’s real & relevant to what staff in the industry – need, and assists in being a positive step forward in improving the mental wellbeing within the industry.

Other workshops

Platinum Potential have other workshops available including (but not limited to);

  • Survive & Thrive – Coping strategies for ‘high stress’ environments (1day)
  • Coping strategies for teens (2hrs)
  • Self-empowered kids

We can also tailor workshops to suit. Please contact us for more information.

Some of our clients have included:

Amazon best-selling book

Based upon positive growth & NLP principles, ‘Icebreakers: How to empower, inspire & motivate your team, through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience, & create happier individuals’ is a simple yet effective book of empowering ‘activities’ for a range of readers.

Teachers, trainers, facilitators, managers, coaches, parents, teenagers, (& anyone >9yrs old) can benefit from reading it.

When implemented – Di McMath (author) intends it to have a positive ripple effect in the lives of individuals, families and cultures of businesses and schools around the world.

It aims to provide a solid foundation for positive growth.

Platinum Potential are proud to support the Cure Brain Cancer foundation & Gold Coast’s ‘Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network’, by donating the majority of proceeds of paperback books sold from this website.


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Resilience programs for Emergency Service personnel, & those in 'high-stress' environments Dismiss